Located in Grand Junction, Colorado, we're a film company influenced by our surroundings. The rivers, forests, and numerous 14,000 foot peaks (hence our name) offer a perfect canvas for our creations. We wear a lot of hats around here. Hats like writer, producer, cinematographer, editor, and colorist. Also, we have lots of synergy (whatever that is). We love taking stories from start to finish, leaving our clients with a beautiful and effective film.


Concept Development Pre-Production Production Post-Production Commercial Documentary Photography



Logan McLennan | Director of Photography and Editor

Logan's filming adventures didn't begin with a camera, but with a bike. After riding hard in the skateparks of Western Colorado, Logan noticed a need to capture his friends' polished tricks on film. There wasn't any pay at first, but that didn't matter. It was here that he fine-tuned his sports action style, getting the shot when it mattered the most.


Matt Scofield | Director and Editor

Matt's mom and dad raised him on a healthy diet of classic movies, giving him a storytelling base and love for film at an early age. Always a writer, he picked up a $400 camera in college and started shooting. Since then, nothing satisfies him more than sitting down and creating the kind of story he grew up watching.


Ethan Lovelace | Assistant Director and Editor

Ethan’s favorite toy growing up was an analogue camcorder he found in the garage of his childhood home in Kansas City. He believes the key to human connection is storytelling and his favorite way to tell stories is with a camera in one hand and a cup of craft coffee in the other.


Ammon Pierce | Assistant Camera and Camera Operator

Ammon first picked up a camera when he was just a kid. Ever since then all he’s ever wanted was to see the world through a lens. In short, tell a story worth hearing. This might be his job but there isn’t a thing he’d rather be doing. Inspired by some of the greatest photographers and films of all time, he knows the feeling of being moved by something special; and to him, everyday is a chance to hopefully do the same for someone else through the content he helps create.