Client: School District 51

Agency: Ryan/Sawyer Marketing

Director: Dan Ryan

DP: Logan McLennan

Editor: Matt Scofield

Key Grip: Ammon Pierce


A New GJHS | School District 51

14K teamed up with Ryan/Sawyer Marketing to tell the story of a decaying high school. It was a challenge to talk about the nostalgia and history of the school while looking forward to change.

Story V2.00_00_12_05.Still004.jpg
Story V2.00_00_04_13.Still003.jpg
Story V2.00_01_08_00.Still007.jpg

To show the school’s decay effectively, we combined shaky camera techniques with intentional sound design to create an old and decrepit tone. We were hesitant to use the drone, but felt it was necessary to establish the school as a character in the story. We tried to capture the school just like a person, using wide, medium, and close up shots.