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Pursue Passion | Monument Orthopedics

Based out of Fruita, Colorado, Monument Orthopedics and Sports Trauma wanted a way to let the local community know their doors are open to treat orthopedic needs. We decided the best way to establish Monument Orthopedics’ presence as a community asset was to partner with Fruita Monument High School Athletics and highlight Monument Orthopedics supporting Fruita’s high school athletes in pursuit of their passions.


When you have thirty seconds to tell a story, momentum is incredibly important. The biggest challenge we faced in producing this

video was finding a way to highlight the speed and intensity of the student athletes without moving the story along too quickly.

Like an athlete has to know when to move fast and when to slow the pace of the game, we have to be able to control the pace of a

story. If the story moves too fast the viewer can’t keep up. If the story moves too slow the viewer loses interest. We decided the

best way for us to maintain control of the narrative was to couple high paced action shots with dramatic slow motion shots. In the

final edit we struck what we think was the perfect balance between the two. You can feel the energy of the competition without

feeling rushed through the storyline.

Every scene focused in on a character pursuing their passion whether a student athlete or a medical professional at Monument

Orthopedics. It was a joy for us to pursue our passion as well from behind the cameras and in front of our editing room computer.