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Avery | Family Health West

One of the first things we noticed about Avery was her infectious smile. We said, “We need to get a shot of that smile!” It wasn’t a difficult. For the entire afternoon we spent with Avery she never stopped smiling.


Family Health West asked us to tell Avery's story to help the Family Health West Foundation show donors the value of an expansion

to their physical therapy facilities. Avery has been diagnosed with low muscle tone so physical therapists from Family Health West

have been helping her improve her strength. The wonderful thing about telling someones story through film is there are a number of

tools at our disposal to help get a message across whether that’s music, natural sound, lighting, color, camera angles.

The main thing we wanted a viewer to know about Avery is how bright she is, in both her quick-wittedness and in her radiant


We used natural sunlight to light our scenes and give Avery an angelic glow. We also shot in areas with a lot of bold colors

(the playground). These techniques paired with Avery’s amazing smile helped viewers feel completely connected to Avery’s

story by the time the video had ended.